speed up shutdown with Making Shutdown Shortcut in desktop

How to Create Shutdown Shortcut in dekstop windows

Shutdown button in Windows 7 will appear after click 'Start'. However, you can create a shortcut shutdown that can be placed on the desktop or in the 'Taskbar' this speeding up your computer / laptop is in the shutdown process , and it also makes the process without process shutdown or force shutdown instantly. and in this way you can give the appearance of messages that appear so that it can serve as a warning and for a time in the shutdown process you can set according to your want .

Here are some ways to create a shutdown shortcut ....

Metode 1 , With Manualy Add Shortcut Shutdown in Dekstop

An empty area on the desktop, right-click, click 'New', select 'Shortcut'.

add shortcut to add shutdown shortcut in dekstop windows
Step 1 : Add Shortcut in Dekstop

Type " shutdown -s -f -t 00 " in the column 'Type the location of the item', then click 'Next'.

add shutdown shortcut in windows dekstop step 2
Type shutdown -s -f -t 00
( Format typing to create a shortcut: shutdown -s -f -t 00 -c "Message"
Sign two fences 00 is the waiting time or delay before shutdown in seconds. It can be replaced with numbers from 0 to 315 360 000.
You can leave a message to be displayed by typing in the "Message" (the message is written with quotation marks).

Examples :
Shutdown with 30 second delay time and the message "30 second before Shutdown".
and type this .
 -s -f -t 30 -c "30 second before shutdown "

Then in the 'Type a name for this shortcut', you could call it 'Shutdown Shortcut' Or whatever youwant .
Shutdown Shortcut is complet added in dekstop

'create Shortcut shutdown' is completed but with a simple icon display , you can also change the shortcut icon 

How to change the icon display : 

Change the icon display
Right click on the shortcut > click properties > select ' Tab Shortcut ', then click ' Change Icon ' >
To search for click ' Browse ', Apply and OK if you finish .



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speed up shutdown with Making Shutdown Shortcut in desktop